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You guessed it, we customize Saltillo Paver tiles!
Custom Saltillo Pavers are natural clay tiles, hand-made by Mexican artisans, who use methods passed down to them from generations of tile makers. Rustic by design, the beauty and character of each tile come from variations in size, color and texture. The lines ("striping"), cracks, bumps (lime "pops"), and paw prints add to the natural beauty and distinctiveness of each tile, or "Paver."

Saltillo tiles are one type of Mexican paver - manufactured in Saltillo, Mexico. Until now, other than its natural variegated colors, Saltillo tiles were available in a very limited number of shades ranging from "White Wash" to "Leather". It’s a beautiful product, suitable for application that requires a rustic finish on the floor or wall. It is extremely popular in Mexico and throughout the southwestern United States.

Custom Saltillo International (C.S.I.) has been formed to customize this legendary product. We are very proud of our colour-matching process which has brought elegance to a history of rustic distinction. Now with the ability to successfully stain Saltillo tiles, every market in the world may enjoy this architectural floor/wall tile.

At Custom Saltillo International, we stock only the finest Mexican Pavers and are manufacturing eight standard colors, along with our custom-stained Saltillo tiles. Here in California, we stain and seal each tile by hand, according to your specific instructions for size, shape, and color. Custom Saltillo Pavers can match any décor.

C.S.I. can
colour-match any color to match any decor

Custom Coloured Saltillo Tile Floor
The beauty and characteristics of these tiles include variations in size and texture.

Front porch BEFORE Custom Saltillo Tiles were installed. Front porch AFTER the insallation of Custom Saltillo Tiles.

Examples of the variety of colors available.
Colors can be custom matched to your interior.

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